Can You Guess Who This Fairytale Baby Is? 


Yes, you guessed it right! It’s Little Red Riding Hood! 

The young lady’s name is Agata. She was celebrating a festival in Corrina d’Ampezzo, Italy.

The little baby girl was dressed as Little Red Riding Hood. She was with her fluffy adorable partner in crime, her husky puppy, Yanuk, who was her defender and was also dressed as the Big Bad Wolf. The little girl was soon to go viral as everyone adored how she is the exact replica of the cartoon version of The Little Red Riding Hood.

This little charming young lady dressed as the Little Red Riding hood and her husky dressed as the grandmother has turned into a web sensation all through social media. Many people were awed by this beautiful small girl and her husky.

This made them the ideal pair, the two of them got a ton of attention. it is too cute to be true. It appears as if the two of them straight up, leaped out of a fantasy book! The way they are dressed is on point!

The little husky was covered by a purple shawl, a little hat and an adorable little pair of reading glasses that completed the appearance of grandmother. The resemblance is uncanny. This captivated that the pair appears to have a solid bond. 

Agata and Yunaki will grow up being the best and inseparable friends.


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