Burglar Eats And Drinks At A Closed Restaurant For Four days

Burglar Eats And Drinks At A Closed Restaurant For Four days

Talk about going to jail with a full tummy! This burglar just entered food heaven but it lasted only for four days. He helped himself in the span of four days, with food and alcohol, and caused a loss of several thousand dollars.

This is what the department stated about the break-in:

A man broke into a restaurant on April 11 and remained there for four days. It was on Tuesday, April 14, 2020, around 11:30 a.m, when the officials reacted to a theft that was accounted for at a downtown Crown Street restaurant. The guests revealed finding a mysterious man, later recognized as Louis Angel Ortiz, snoozing in the closed restaurant.
The official at that point found Ortiz close by on Crown Street and confined him. The robber is a 40-year-old New Haven man. At the hour of capture, he was found possessing a jug of the restaurant’s rum.

After investigating the security video film it was affirmed that Ortiz’s entered a few days earlier on Saturday, through a side window of the restaurant. Ortiz helped himself to the restaurant’s food, alcohol, and brew. Notwithstanding eating and drinking at the restaurant, Ortiz removed beverages and property from the structure too.

The business was shut during this time and it was a manager’s normal routine check of the foundation that aided the revelation of the robbery. The officers calculated a loss of food and drinks which amounted to a few thousand dollars. The misfortune was especially due to consumption and theft of 70 bottles of alcohol.

Louis A. Ortiz is now charged with the following:

Burglary third degree, Larceny third degree, Criminal mischief first degree and Failure to appear second degree (East Haven warrant).

Ortiz was held in lieu of $12,500 bail at the NHPD Union Avenue Detention Center and transferred this morning to an arraignment hearing in New Haven Superior Court at 235 Church Street.

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