Brilliant French Pianist Amazes People With His Playing

Brilliant French Pianist Amazes People With His Playing

There is always a special place for music in our hearts. People find peace in music no matter where you live or what race you belong to. There is always something magical about music. It knows how to speak to our soul in ways words can’t. It’s as if time stood still, only to find us entwined in sweet melodies.

There can be so many artists around the globe but that one artist who makes you forget where you were going, what you were doing, making you stop at your feet with their music, is the greatest of them all. It’s truly a blessing to have had the opportunity to witness an exceptional talent. Therefore, in today’s story, we bring to you one such exceptional talent.

french pianist at airport
Source: YouTube Screenshot

The piano has helped make brilliant music throughout centuries. Playing the piano is the movement of fingers across a set of keys, but this young gentleman seems to coax so many emotions out of the piano’s ivory.

When you do watch the YouTube video, you will see that many folks paused their travel plans to stop and listen. In the video below, a young man sets up at a free public piano and flows his way through a beautiful French classic, via Argentina.

french pianist at airport
Source: YouTube Screenshot

This young man’s name is Carl Hans Vaginay, a.k.a. “Carl Le Pianist,”. He is a pianist from France, who has a magical skill at making piano strings vibrate. According to his Facebook page, Carl has been playing piano for 12 years and usually plays outdoors. Carl says he wants, “to share with you my passion for piano.”

Carl Le Pianist is a true master of the piano, he runs the keys with fervor and precision.
Carl plays a charming tune called “Que Nadie Sepa Mi Sufrir,” translated as “Let no one know my suffering.” According to Wikipedia, the song was composed in 1936 by Ángel Cabral, an Argentine musician.

french pianist at airport
Source: YouTube Screenshot

The song was recorded by numerous Spanish musicians and then had a resurgence in France, when French vocalist, Édith Pilaf, released her rendition. This 1957 version was retitled “La Foule,” written with new lyrics, and became a big hit again.

The city of Paris, France has taken part in a worldwide phenomenon where pianos are placed in public spaces and regular folks are told, “A vous de jouer! (It’s your turn!)”
Anyone who is brave enough and thinks they have the chops, can sit down and pound or tickle out a tune on the ivory.

french pianist
Source: Instagram @carl_vgn

The public piano in this video was placed in the Gare Saint-Lazare, a train station in Paris. Known as Paris Saint-Lazare, the terminal is the second busiest station in Paris.
And lucky for us, this fine pianist found the tuned up upright and went to work wowing a gathering crowd.

The crowd cheers as the song reaches its final notes. So many travelers were happy to take a moment away from hurrying to catch their trains and many people stuck around to see what he is going to play next.

french pianist at airport
Source: YouTube Screenshot

We all could use this moment of entertainment, taking a chance to slow down and enjoy a real talent playing one of France’s favorite tunes.

Grab a seat, hit play, and take in the catchy tune mastered by an impressive pianist. Your spirits are bound to soar with this much-needed break from the everyday rush.

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