Little Boy Trespasses On Stranger’s Garage To Hug A Dog

Little Boy Trespasses On Stranger’s Garage To Hug A Dog

Pets can lighten up our world even on our worst days! It’s something about them that makes us feel loved and welcomed. They know exactly how to brighten up our moods. Especially the days where we feel hopeless or unloved, our pets manage to shoo the dark clouds away.

If you are a pet owner, regardless of what kind of pet you have, you do know that they give us the best snuggles any human can ever give. They pour out their little heart for us and that’s all that we need to have a blessed day.

boy and dog

Today’s story is about a little boy named Josh. As little kids, we remember being taught not to do that, not to do this, cross the road after looking both ways, etc. We were also told not to go to a stranger’s house. But this little kid might have changed some rules.

boy and dog

He not only entered an unknown person’s house but also has been seen petting their dog without their permission. Josh broke two of those rules, all in pursuit of a friendly hug. The owner of the house was, fortunately, a friendly lady named Hollie Mallet. She was browsing through her security footage one day and realized that something strange was happening. She kept noticing it every day at the same time.

Holly usually keeps her garage doors open for her black Labrador, Duchess, to get some fresh air. She is very protective of her so she has also installed a security camera at the garage to keep an eye on her.

boy and dog

Hollie noticed in the security footage that Duchess was hanging out with a little visitor every day. It was little Josh. He would ride his little bicycle up to her house, hop off and run towards the open garage, only to drop down and give the kind Duchess a big hug and of course a little kiss on the head. then off he goes back to his bike riding away.

boy and dog

The scene took Hollie by surprise, who had never seen anything like it, because the only expectation for anyone to come to an open garage is to steal or cause harm. Anyone would be alarmed immediately because of the uprising of robbery cases. But Josh made a big impact on Hollie’s life by tapping into her mind indicating that the word still has pure innocence and love.


Hollie was awed at the sight that she found the entire scene incredibly cute and wholesome. She wanted to find out who this boy was, so she uploaded the security footage on a neighborhood group hoping for answers.

Getting back a response, the boy’s mom was mortified.

boy and dog

Concerned that her son was willing to go into a stranger’s garage, and amused that the reason he went was to hug a dog, the boy’s mom didn’t know what to think. The boy’s mom identified her son as Josh, and the mystery of the dog-hugging-biker was solved.

“Last night when I first saw it, I was torn as a momma being happy and upset”
Hollie and her husband thought it was hilarious and offered a playdate for Josh and Duchess.

boy and dog

It was also revealed that Josh’s dog, Bella, died a year ago. He just missed the wet nose and kisses! Rumor has it that Josh and Duchess are best friends now, visiting each other often, only this time, a bit more intentionally!

Check out the video below!

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Sources: Inside Edition, YouTube

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