However hard it is for people to stay home all day everyday during these days, it’s surely fun for the other animals, especially the ones in zoos and aquariums. Now that people aren’t visiting these places, the zookeepers are letting these animals roam free inside the facilities, and meet other animals.

This is about another one of such instances where the sea lion called Birri Junior in Sea World, Australia was taken on a little stroll around the aquarium.

This handsome guy got the opportunity to meet a lot of other marine animals, including fish, rays, and others who live in the bottom of the sea. The pictures say that Birri was quite surprised!

A video of Birri on this adventure was shared on social media, and guess what, people love it! Needless to say, the video went viral in no time!

This theme park is situated on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, and is popular for its roller coasters and water ride. The park is loved for the encounters it allows with polar bears, sharks, dolphins, and penguins.

Since the temporary closing of the park on 22nd March due to COVID-19, the workers have been doing their best, continuously taking care of its animals.

A lot of other zoos around the world have taken the same measures with regard to animals as well as employees. Since the closing down of their places, they have started to let their animals roam free to meet other animals. Have a look at those cute photos and videos here. Another significant incident is heard from Thailand, where a facility that used to provide elephant rides to tourists until before the closing down, have decided to stop their service and instead allow tourists to see those elephants roaming free in their natural habitat.

Image credits: seaworldaus

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