No More Fighting For Window Seats! 

We have always wanted to fly in the sky. But the only way closest to achieving that goal is flying in a plane. However, even while flying in a plane, you will feel the absence of actually witnessing the beauty of the sky because you are restricted with little windows that everyone fights for. On some trips, you don’t even get the window seat.

The wait is almost over, because the Center for Process Innovation, a British technology and research firm, is inventing a new future of air travel.

The futuristic planes will be windowless. No, it’s not literally windowless, but it gives you the illusion of it being windowless.

The planes will be covered using OLED touch screens. The touch screens act as a glass window, but in reality, it actually is connected to cameras at the exterior section of the plane. The cameras capture real-time events throughout the journey which is then displayed to the OLED touch screen display. This gives all the passengers on the plane the opportunity to see the real-time event view of the sky around them through the screen.

And guess what? If you are tired of the constant sky around you, you can use the touch screen window provided on your side for your own entertainment.

True, there are pros to this futuristic plane but some people have brought forward concerns about the light of the screen saying that it could affect in a negative manner to some passengers and might get them irritated.

The time span for the completion of this advanced futuristic plane can take up to 10-15 years, and after that, it can become a reality! By that time, the technology would have also advanced, providing more high-quality touch screens that can do more than just show the sky.

The technology used:

The technology used is called OLED-Touch screen technology. It stands for the abbreviation for organic light-emitting diode. It comprises of organic compounds that are capable of projecting light as a reaction to an electric current.

Did you know that this is the same technology used in television, tablets, mobile phones, and computer monitors?

Image Credit: The Center for Process Innovation

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