Newborn Twins Calm Down When Put Next To Each Other

Newborn Twins Calm Down When Put Next To Each Other

Talk about twins! They seem to share one of the most beautiful bonds with each other. It’s quite remarkable actually. It can’t be explained by anyone but a twin. In this video, we see this fact get proven by these newborn twins as they cry immediately when separated and calm down when they’re reunited.

Do twins really have a bond that is different from most people’s?

There has been research proving that twins contain one of the strongest emotional bonds. As you can see, the moment the newborn twins see each other, they immediately recognize each other and console each other. It’s the most heart touching thing you could ever see.

Newborn Twins

Twins begin to interact in the womb at around the fourteenth week of pregnancy, which explains why their bond is so strong. Although it’s not completely scientifically proven, the feeling twins have is undeniable and these twins prove it.

Newborn Twins

Many twins have stated that they do in fact have an indescribable emotional bond. They in fact have told that they have some kind of sixth sense where they accurately know that the other is in danger. Even though it seems believable, it’s not yet proven scientifically.

In this video, we see the twin boys being taken apart to get their usual check-ups after birth, which causes them both to start crying out for the other. Although babies always cry right after they’re born, these babies cry obviously for each other.

Newborn Twins

Could you imagine spending nine months with someone, and how scary it is when they’re gone? The babies however need this time apart, so they can make sure they are both healthy babies. After the boys get their check-ups done, they’re reunited and as soon as the nurses touch their cheeks together, they immediately stop crying and feel so much better. It’s crazy how just the touch of their cheeks reassure they weren’t in this big scary world alone.

The mom posted this video on Facebook with the caption:

Newborn Twins

Check out these adorable twin boys and their unbreakable bond in the video down below!

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