Bernie Sanders Ends His Presidential Campaign

Bernie Sanders Ends His Presidential Campaign

While the 2020 US presidential election is planned to be held on November 3, 2020, the latest news about it is that one of its much promising candidates, Bernie Sanders, has suspended his bid for president.

His campaign aimed at emphasizing the status of health care as a basic human right, building a platform for the voices of the working class. Despite these, the voting this year forecast a rather hostile future for him.

With the COVID19 pandemic disrupting the flow of everything starting from social, economic, and political aspects all over the globe, the US was one of the worst affected countries. It has led to severe unemployment that keeps accelerating at a fast rate. The same affected Sander’s campaigns which he had to stop half way, also given the impossible odds against Joe Biden.

Sanders shared the breaking news in a live-stream from Vermont which he represented for nearly three decades. He stated that it was a very difficult and painful decision for him to have taken. However, he promised to continue his fight for progressive ideas despite this decision.

“Together we have transformed American consciousness as to what kind of nation we can become,” Sanders said, adding a line attributed to Nelson Mandela. “‘It always seems impossible until it is done.’”

“The future of this country is with our ideas,” he said.

While he made his decision foreseeing the results of the campaign, he stated that although he disagrees with Biden’s ideas, he “respects” him as a person.

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