Banana Leaf Plate That Decomposes In Just Two Months

Credit: Chuwa Plant

The pioneer of this project is Josue Soto and the project is named “Bio Plant”. A definitive objective of these Peruvians is to diminish plastic usage to the minimum and save the planet. The alternative to the plastic material used in plate making that has thus been come up with is banana leaf. 

These eco-friendly plates made out of banana leaf decompose in 2 months and later degrade completely into the soil in 60 days. 

Whereas in the opposite, the plastic plates that we as of now use takes around 500 years to deteriorate, hence, the plastic plate contaminates and causes pollution in our surroundings.

The Innovate Peru Program funds and lends support backing this task, allowing them the chance to construct the fitting machines and buy suitable instruments for the creation of 50000 plates every month

The pioneer of the venture expressed that by working with a few producers in Peruvian amazon, they were at last ready to put a reasonable cost on the plates giving them a bit of leeway to cover any loss in the banana cultivation.

food in banana leaf plate
Credit: Chuwa Plant

The group named Chuwa Plant offered life to another innovative idea that could decrease the utilization of plastic. They made plates from paper and cardboard that are easily dispensable. The plates must be utilized once or used to contain specific kinds of food. 

The banana plates were 22cm*16cm*3cm, having a rectangular shape. 

The banana leaf is not cancerous because of its natural nature. 

The plates are as of now under distribution across the nation.

You can purchase 100 plates for US$29.64 – 35.56.

People nowadays are very much concerned about coming up with solutions to minimize environmental pollution, and this can be viewed as a positive tendency in people. Have a look at these two young men who innovated cactus leather to replace animal leather, to address harm to nature.

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