“Baby Shark” Coronavirus Version


You may have had your ears loaded with the BabyShark song whether or not you are a parent. It’s exceptionally snappy and our brain is already singing it’s tune right now. Baby shark has taken a step further to help children and adults to get progressively active about washing their hands and about their own cleanliness considering the present pandemic we as a whole are experiencing.

I believe that it’s an excellent strategy from BabyShark to urge children and grown-ups to take part in close to home cleanliness while they are in isolation.

A Little History To The BabyShark

This marvel began entirely in 2007! The BabyShark tune was the most well-known hit produced by PinkFong. PinkFong is a South Korean training brand, in 2016.


PinkFong has now presented the most recent ear-worm in the idea to assist people with washing their hands and keep themselves clean because of the current situation in the world. The song title is called, “Wash Your Hands”.

The melody was uploaded to YouTube on March 21st and as of now has passed 3 Million Views!.

Overlooking the rehashing sections, the tune goes:

Wash your hands,
Get some soap,
Rub your hands,
Rinse your hand,
Dry your hands,

with doo’s being repeated multiple times each!
Furthermore, yes they additionally prompt covering your sniffle (doo) and hack into your elbow (doo).

The last edge of the video urges watchers to ‘remain sound’ and ‘join the #BabySharkHandWashChallenge’. With expanding COVID-19 numbers (in excess of 600,000 affirmed cases all-inclusive), each and every – we are ever grateful to you, Baby Shark.

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