It’s been a while since you went to class, and math issues were one of your biggest worries back in the day. It was one big troublesome phase to complete, but then you realized that adulthood is much tougher than expected. Thinking back about math problems, you might actually miss being challenged.

Math can get somewhat extraordinary. The strategies and methods of activity can get very complex with every grade you level up. You may have completely forgotten all of them now. But yeah, we do use maths in our day to day activities. Anyway, why don’t we give it a test just to see how much we can recall them? Let’s get our critical thinking back on track!

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The more we age the less we try to deal with complex things. But, the truth is, we actually need to have critical thinking power to keep our mind solid.

Can you solve the equation?

Try to not look at the web for solutions and simply test yourself as much as you can. Try to remember. Remembering is actually a healthy exercise for your brain. So, It’s a win-win situation!

Here comes today’s challenge!

This is a problem taken from a school math book. But everyone is pulling their hair off from the roots just to get this solved. Do not use your calculators.

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What do you think is the answer?

Don’t stress out, try to figure out the right method. Below in the next picture, we’ll show you the answer.

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The correct answer is 104.

Always start with the multiplication

How did we end up with that solution?

First, you calculate the multiplication of 25 x 0, which of course becomes 0. This is one of the basic rules of mathematics.

Then we have: 50 + 50 – 0 + 2 + 2, which results in 104.

So the important detail, to get to the right answer, is to start with the multiplication. Otherwise, things get messy.

Did you solve it on your own? Good job then!

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