Pet Cat Is The First Animal To Test Positive For Coronavirus In The UK

Pet Cat Is The First Animal To Test Positive For Coronavirus In The UK

With the increasing spread of corona-virus, there’s a rising concern among the wider population about the flu being transmitted from animals. The concern is followed by a few cases reported from different countries such as Hong Kong, France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain and the US.

Animals add that extra adventure to our mundane lives. Especially having a favorite animal in our households can definitely take away the blues in our everyday hustle. Cats and Dogs are great pets to keep company.

According to Statista, 40% of the population in the United Kingdom owns a pet out of which 39% are pet dogs and cats.

Sleeping Cat
Image Credits: Pexels

In recent news, it was reported from the United Kingdom that a pet cat was found to have coronavirus and it has been the first animal case. As per recent news, it was reported that the cat was infected by its owners. The owners had been previously diagnosed with coronavirus as well. 

An initial test was done by a vet personally known to the family. From these test results, the cat was found to be infected with the lung viruses, feline herpes and SARS-CoV-2. However, after extensive investigations carried out, it has been brought to notice that both the household people and cat have been fully cured of the infection. 

cat face looking up
Image Credit: Pexels

Further, scientific studies carried out states that there is no proof of people getting infected with coronavirus from animals. Medical experts assure that there is no reason to panic. The only possibility is the virus to be transmitted from humans to animals.

Doctor Gloves with Test Sample Bag
Image Credit: PA Images

Experts advise the public to continue to stick to precautionary practices and wash hands on a regular basis, even after contacting creatures.

There are no images of the actual cat during the time of writing, therefore please note that the images in here are only examples. 

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