Adorable Border Collie Dog Tricks Passersby Into Playing Fetch With Her

Adorable Border Collie Dog Tricks Passersby Into Playing Fetch With Her

Did you bless your human eyes with the viral video of an adorable Border Collie tricking people into playing fetch with her over the fence? If you did, I’m pretty sure that you’re simply happy! This collie called Sue from the Netherlands is too cute not to make you smile.

Welcome to Sue’s world, where you can be one of her temporary playmates.

Dogs are intelligent, and Sue might as well be the God of dogs. She knows how to make her way in with humans. As you know with experience, dogs love playing balls. And they just don’t get enough of it.


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Nobody wants to play with me ??⚽️#dog #sue #bordercollie #football #play #garden #autumn

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Well, when her owner is too busy to play with her, Sue knows just what to do! She throws her ball over the fence into the road. Then she waits close by the fence. When the passersby who see the ball and the innocent looking face of Sue, throw the ball back over the fence, Sue gets to chase the ball. In the same speed she chases the ball, she tosses it over the fence, once again, for someone to pick it up and throw. And this repeats, as long as Sue wants to.

The people who “helped” Sue to get back the ball she “lost”, probably don’t even know that Sue tricked them. But the video that was recorded of Sue doing her thing, shows that she is such a great con artist!

As her owner Kelly Dobbe says, “She’s done this since she was a puppy.”

“She barks in the morning at the door to go outside, then wants to stay until 6 pm when she gets hungry and tired. She is sad when it’s raining, because she can’t play outside.”

“In the beginning, I was surprised, but now it’s so normal,” Dobbe said. “During the weekend it is very busy at the fence. Sometimes cars also stop to throw the ball back.”

Well played, Sue, well played!

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