A Fox Killer Gets His B*tt Clawed In His Own Snare!


You reap what you sow

Karma is real and here’s your proof. This is a video that was INTENDED to show some tricks and tips to catch a fox using a Steel Jaw Trap.

 A little insight to this piece of trap 

Steel Jaw leghold trap is proclaimed inhumane, immoral and it’s prohibited or strictly restricted by more than 80 countries and 8 of the states in America. This snare can cause severe swelling, fractures, damage to teeth and gums, self-mutilation, limb amputation and even cause death to the animal.

Much the same as people, creatures have similar emotions and experience a similar measure of torment. In addition to the fact that they suffer physically, they endure pain mentally also. When the fox is trapped and not killed straight away, it causes physiological injury, lack of hydration, exposure to harsh climate, and makes it vulnerable to predation by different creatures till the trapper returns.

Furthermore, the trapper just returns back to strangle the creature to death. They don’t shoot it since bullet injuries will cause loss of blood and lessen the pelt’s worth.

A large number of creatures are caught and killed around the world. Among 4 million in the United States of America do it for no particular reason, like for fun, because they are bored etc. They trap creatures for livestock, game and as a strategy to call off annoyance. 

Some of the advocates disagree with the idea that trapping is inhumane. They explain that it controls wildlife and brings a great income for the trappers, which is just a load of lies and ego. 

You can see in the video how karma bites back , LITERALLY the BACK , of this fox trapper. And I could not be much happier. Strict punishments must be dropped upon those who trap innocent animals, especially the ones who tend to use inhumane and immoral ways to do so. 

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