A 60-year-Old Man, Who Walks Miles To Work, Drops To His Knees When His Co-Workers Raise $10000 For His New Truck.


Robert Reed is a 60-year-old man. He works as a caretaker at Farmington Elementary School in Germantown, Tennessee. He has been working there only for four months, but all the hearts of the kids and faculty are already his. He has brought out so much happiness within the faculty and that made everyone adore him. 

He is a very kind soul. He is always there for you if you need any help. He is a cheerful soul who goes about the day making everyone in the school feel happy. He literally spreads his kindness and love wherever he goes. And everyone adored him. 

Some of the students have mentioned that “Mr. Robert adds a little sunshine to our faces”

He is not only generous in nature but also very hard-working. After making sure the school is spick and span only does he take a break. 

But little did people know that he didn’t have a car to come to work. They got to know later how hard it was for him to even come to work. He had to take 3 buses and walk 2 miles just to get to school. And that too adding another 2 miles back to his home. He says he doesn’t even reach home early. He reaches home late, around 8 pm or even later. 

The faculty was awed by this and felt real sympathy towards the janitor. Considering his age and how hard he works for everyone at school. They felt like they had to bring their hearts together and figure something out to ease it out for him. 


Their love towards Robert grew each passing day, that sometimes they drove him to where he takes the bus and some days gave him lunch money. 

They knew that Robert always wanted to start a yard business. But he doesn’t have a truck to get it started. And that’s when the faculty and the students decided it’s time to give him what he deserves the most.

The faculty members and students together opened up a GoFundMe program for the Janitor and within less than 48 hours they managed to raise over $10000 USD. He fell to his knees with tears. He couldn’t imagine the love he received from the members.

“It’s a joy to work here, pure joy,” he said with tears in his eyes.

Now he doesn’t have to walk 2 miles back and forth to come to work and he can start his yard business too. They say, do good, and good will come back to you. This is one of the purest examples. He was a kind and hard-working soul. He never complained. His love and kindness were so powerful that it made the school members help him to ease things out in his tough life.

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