A 12-year Old Takes Matters Into His Own Hands By Bringing In His Abused Puppy To A Safe Shelter.


Children are very fragile. They tend to understand more about emotions than adults do, especially pets’ feelings. This 12-year-old made a brave decision to rescue his puppy from his very own father and take him to a safer place.

On Feb 13th, Xollin Shelter found an adorable puppy at their doorstep in a box with a letter and plush toy. Xollin informed about this incident on their Facebook page; “Someone left this dog at the door of the shelter, inside a box, with a plush toy and a note. The note was written by a kid and he explained his dad was always beating the dog and was planning to sell him. So, in such a state of despair, he left the dog here to save him.”

After they posted about this tragic incident, many people from all over the world wanted to help the poor puppy by aiding him with donations.


Xollin Shelter immediately took him to a vet to examine its health condition.

“We need to take the dog to the vet so he can check his tail, which apparently is fractured. We also need to remove parasites and get him a check-up. This means more expenses and work for us, but luckily the dog will be safe.”

The only information gathered from the little boy is that his name is Andrés, who is a 12-year-old kid who lives in Mexico.

The letter says: “My name is Andrés and I’m 12 years old. My mom and I decided to leave him to you. All of this is behind my dad’s back because he was thinking of selling him. But he is always beating and kicking the dog. Once he kicked him so hard that his little tail got injured. I hope you can help him and take care of him. Here is a plush toy so he won’t forget me.”


The pup was named Rene by the members in the Xollin Shelter. And they are currently looking for the right home to give him up for adoption. They have already received more than 300 messages to adopt Rene. But they want to give him off to the right family who will take care of him. They also give out a really important message to the world mentioning that people shouldn’t wait to adopt a pet who goes viral. ADOPT don’t buy. There are many pets out there who need love and care, especially a safe environment for them to live. And every penny counts.


“If you all opened your heart and your home to all and not only this dog, all the animals in our shelter would have been already adopted twice. Thank you, to the few people who came to the shelter offering their help to protect other animals suffering abuse or being abandoned in our district and surroundings.”

This child melted the hearts of not only the people at the Xollin shelter but millions of people around the globe. We adults sometimes lose the touch of humanity as we grow older, maybe we should learn from kids because a child rarely has any hatred in their hearts. And all they see and want is love. As an adult, I strongly believe we have to protect our kids from turning into such adults and bring them up with the same kindness in their hearts as they had when they were small.

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