72 Student Gets Infected With Corona Virus After Attending Spring Break Party! An Instant Regret!

72 Student Gets Infected With Corona Virus After Attending Spring Break Party! An Instant Regret!

There is a reason why WHO and every other local authorities keep saying to stay quarantined! Defying it would only make things worse. Please take this as an example and stay indoors, because otherwise you are only making things worse and putting more risk on the medical workers. Mind that the world needs your cooperation at this point, when medical supplies are running very low and medical workers are literally sacrificing their life for you. Think about others, don’t be naive.

These students defied all warnings and ran straight ahead during spring break for a party. These students are from the University of Tampa, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and other colleges (including Florida, Alabama, and Tennessee) and almost 72 students have contracted the dreaded coronavirus (COVID-19). Because of this, the cases in the USA have increased dramatically. It has skyrocketed to 1,289,820 confirmed cases with death toll increased to 70,626.

“Life is precious…Don’t be arrogant and think you’re invincible like me,” Brady Sluder of Ohio, regretting the time he went partying amidst the outbreak. This wasn’t what he stated at first, it was this, “If I get corona, I get corona.” and how did it end up for him? INSTANT REGRET! Sluder accepted his faults and is owning up to his mistake.

By shrugging off the warnings, paying no heed to the orders to stay quarantined and cut down social distancing caused many more people to get infected. The students who returned to their homes have then been tested positive for Coronavirus. This also becomes very alarming as it goes against the reports that COVID-19 has little to no effect on younger people. It seems like Coronavirus HAS indeed an effect on people regardless of whether they are young or old.

Reports state that at the University of Texas, 44 out of 70 students have been tested positive after flying on a chartered plane to attend the spring break party in Cabo Sun Lucas, Mexico. And all of them are under self-isolation and authorities are tracing all the other people they were in contact with.

It was reported that at least five spring breakers in the University of Tampa had manifested the virus. Students from the University of Wisconsin have also been infected.
The National Post also reported: “have accounted for a significant number of coronavirus hospitalizations nationwide”.

Please Stay Home! And Help Save The World.

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