Like humans, animals too deserve a second chance. No matter they were lost, abandoned or given up, these cuties people meet at shelters are all unwanted and helpless. Until we decide to do something about it.

The way we see it, there are very few things in this world that could make you feel as rewarding as saving a life. Besides, it’s not just about you finding a new best mate. Rescuing an animal frees up much-needed shelter space so more animals can get the care they need, and, most importantly, an innocent soul who is very sad becomes very, very, very happy.

From kitties and pups to bunnies and horses, the smiles on these rescue boys and girls definitely prove they couldn’t be happier they’ve finally found their forever homes.

#1 Adopted Coco The Ginger And Came Back A Week Later To Get Her Brother Tux, Ginger’s Smile And Tux’s Protective Embrace Just Melts My Heart


#2 Adopted Leonardo Dicaprio His Wide Range Of Emotions Told A Whole Story With His Face

#3 Wife Wanted A Cat. But Not Me, So We Compromised And Got A One-Eyed Cat


#4 Lots Of Sad Things Happening In The World Lately. Adopted This Rescue Kitty Today To Help Make Both Our Lives Better

#5 So That’s What They Mean By Jumping Out Of Your Skin Excitement. She Just Got Adopted


#6 We Adopted A Vampurrer…

#7 My Grandmother (87), Peanut (14) On Their Way Home

6 days ago

#8 My GF Wanted To Adopt A Kitten, I Said Not Now. And We Made A Compromise

#9 I Found Harvey Abandoned In A Ditch, Soaking Wet, Wounded With Cigarette Burns. He Was Starving and Infested With Fleas. I Knew I Had To Adopt Him. It has been 5 Years, He’s Now A Healthy Boi With A Career In Modelling

#10 Adopted This Handsome Boy Today, He Even Got A Permanent Wink


#11 I Can’t Give Life So I Adopted Instead

#12 Meet Our Newly Adopted Cotton, She Likes To Cosplay As Plants

#13 Meet My New Baby, Moo! Advice And Tips Are More Than Welcome.


#14 I Woke Up To This Today, After Not Being Able To See My Newly Adopted Kitties For A Week


#15 My Mom Adopted A Pregnant Cat, Took Care Of It Until It Gave Birth, Now She Is Searching For A Warm And Loving Shelter

#16 I Found Him On The Beach In Russia And I Brought Him Here

#17 3 Years Ago I Adopted This Senior Dog, Today He Is 14 Years Old!


#18 The Shelter Was Struggling So I Adopted Will Smith And Tommy Lee Jones. MIB chilling

#19 Adopted This Dog A Year Ago And I Must Say He Rescued Us As Much As He Was Rescued

#20 Meet Strawberry, He Has The Best Picture Perfect Smile, Don’t You Dare Say Anything Otherwise

#21 Adopted Chewy, From The Nebraska Humane Society

#22 Just Adopted This Sweet Girl, She Also Has Built-In Socks
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