2018 Korean Drama on Netflix Talks About “Coronavirus”, And People Are Shocked!


So…. here’s another one! First, “The Eyes of Darkness” by Dean Koontz seemed to have predicted COVID-19. Next, it was “End of Days” by self-proclaimed psychic Silvia Browne. The latest is the Korean TV series “My Secret Terrius” aired in 2018, and this talks out loud about the COVID-19 situation that you and I are experiencing in real life at the moment. Yes, they call it “coronavirus”!

With this revelation about the TV series, it has gotten to the top 10 on Netflix, and viewers are bewildered by all the too-true-to-be-a-coincident stuff the characters are talking out loud.

This specific scene from the drama which is going viral, has a man advising his female partner to not go out. We’ve been hearing it all the time, these days! The scene then moves on to a hospital where a doctor talks to a woman about “the mutant coronavirus outbreak that attacks respiratory organs”. How is this even possible? These details ring too many bells, don’t they?

The doctor further says that the virus comes from the same family to which MERS, common flu, and SARS belong. It does not stop there! He even says that, as we have been hearing on all media these days, that it takes upto 2 to 14 days for the symptoms to appear.

As we all know, the woman is replied to in the negative when she asks whether a cure or vaccine is available. What’s more, another scene shows children being informed about the appropriate precautions, that is, to wash their hands, in order for the virus to stop spreading. Check the clip below!

What do you think is happening here? How did the writers of this drama know? I mean, look at all the details. Forget the rest, how did they know the name?

I know! I am as shocked as you’re! These Twitter users were no different!
Do you think this was a coincidence, or do you have another theory? Let us know in the comments below!






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