19 Most Dangerous Places In New York You Should Avoid Right Now

19 Most Dangerous Places In New York You Should Avoid Right Now

Subway was cut in New York a week ago in light of the quarantine period. However, not everyone gets the luxury of staying home during this period. Essential service workers are still required to report to work. However, their safety is at risk given the lesser number of trains. They are commuting to work in packed trains, which is not recommended at all at the moment. 

As of now, 53,000 deaths and one million infections of COVID-19 have been reported globally. Among all the countries, the US reports the highest number of daily deaths, which amounts up to 1200, with 6000 plus deaths in total. The worst affected city is New York, with over 60,000 confirmed cases and over 900 deaths.

Given the pace at which the number of patients keep increasing, the number of healthcare personnel and facilities are not going to be enough. Recently, a nurse from New York died of COVID-19, and according to his sister, his life could have been saved if there was enough PPE (Personal Protection Equipment). Moreover, several US States have issued guidelines to be followed by doctors in the worst case scenario, where the patient number will be too much to handle and the hospital will need to “choose” who will be given ventilators and who won’t.

With numbers escalating this way, the situation these essential service workers are facing is dangerous. There is more than enough proof to understand that this situation is not to be taken slightly. These workers are appealing to the authorities to look into the matter because they are scared for their health.




















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