15 Illustrations Of The Best News About The COVID19 Situation

15 Illustrations Of The Best News About The COVID19 Situation

It is normal to be fed up with all the negative news that you keep hearing about the COVID19 situation. Here’s something to cheer you up! Mauro Gatti was feeling the same way as you, tired of all the sad coronavirus news. But, he decided to make the best out of the situation, just to make you feel happy. Look at these cute and happy illustrations!

With all that’s happening around us, what we need right now is things that give us hope. We need things that support everyone mentally, things that can bring even a simple smile to a face.

Mauro Gatti created an Instagram page by the name “The Happy Broadcast” as a good news platform in order to take people’s minds away from all the bad news, and give some light and hope to them. He started sharing his illustrations of positive news that he thought would cheer up someone. By taking this action, he also wanted to show that everyone can contribute in some way to make a positive impact, to bring a smile to people feeling down.

Through these illustrations, he shows different stories about friendship, solidarity and positive changes in climate and animals. By doing that, he attempts to take people’s minds away from stressful incidents, even for a little while.

Being an Italian who is quarantining in Los Angeles, away from family, he understands what a lot of people are going through right now, mentally. So, dedicating most of his time to this work, he has made it his mission to help people’s mental health.

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