100 German Shepherds Have A Playdate Together

100 German Shepherds Have A Playdate Together

Imagine waking up to 100 dogs! This story brings me flashbacks to our dear old cartoon, 100 Dalmatian Puppies! It’s a dream come true to so many dog lovers. Picking your favorite breed and having as many as you want right in your big backyard! Well, actually, there IS a place like that.

There is a wonderful kennel named Stonehill Kennels. It is located in Mount Morris, Michigan. They have bred world-class German Shepherds for over forty years.

These are some of their words:

“Temperament, trainability, and health are our number one breeding priorities.”

Just imagine 92 German Shepherds, an Aussie, and a Black Labrador Retriever running around, with their puppy eyes, and cute waggy tails, playing with each other! This definitely is one of the biggest goals of dog lovers.

A video was posted on their YouTube channel and not surprisingly, they have over 2.6 million views for a good reason.

The age groups within the crowd of pups differ from eleven weeks to twelve years old. They play together and get along just fine. They are so proud of their German Shepherds because their caregivers state that the dogs excel in whatever field they are assessed in, for example, therapy, police, competitions, service, security, and much more.

Stonehill only allows dogs that are bred or trained at Stonehill. It’s only to ensure maximum safety. It makes it easier for the staff to check the temperament of each and every dog. Up until to this day, they have never had a single fight in a span of, well, nearly ten years.

The German Shepherds share a strong bond with the rest of the dogs in the Stonehill. Some of the owners who take them to their home would bring them back to the shelter so the pup can have a little playtime with them.

A Little Background About German Shepherds

German Shepherds are known to be one of the highly intelligent canines out there. They possess an act of unmatched courage and devotion. Many people recommend German Shepherd for families because they make a great family dog. They catch up on discipline tactics very easily. The German Shepherds possess tons of energy. When they are bored and frustrated, they start barking and chewing.

Spending time with such a nice breed, I’m pretty sure no one would get tired of doing this job. The adventures you gain with each dog is immeasurable. You will be in good hands! Er… paws, and a lot of them.

One trait of this breed is that they have an aloof and suspicious nature. Guests won’t automatically feel welcome and most will feel intimidated by the dark face and serious expression. But if this video is anything to go by… Can’t blame you for wanting a German Shepherd for yourself!

Image credits: Stonehill Kennels/Facebook

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